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Participation / Fees

Thank you for your interest in Caribou Contests. Here you can find information about participating in the contests and how to sign up.

You can sign up for Caribou Contests at any point in the year, even just for one contest, and even on contest days.

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  1. Overview
  2. Eligibility
  3. Contest Rules
  4. Fees
  5. How to Register
  6. Access Codes
  7. Questions

Overview of Caribou Contests

Caribou is an international online math competition run by a small team in Canada and representatives in other countries.

A short summary :

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Any school-aged child can participate in Caribou Contests, no matter their nationality or schooling situation. The competition is online so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

To participate you need only 4 things:

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Contest Rules

These are the contest rules one agrees to when participating in Caribou Contests:

We count on the supervising adults and the integrity of participants to ensure that these rules are followed. However, we have also developed a series of statistical tools to help identify unfair participation. When unfair participation is detected, we reserve the right to remove the student’s contest entry from ranking. For more information about these tools, see our page about Unfair Participation.

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In our goal of promoting mathematics, we try to keep the cost of participation as low as possible. Click here to see an overview of our free & paid services.

The list below gives the cost of participation in the contests. Prices can vary by country, and in some cases it is free. Please visit the Online Shop to see all the prices for your country.

International participation is exempt from tax. In Canada, all prices are subject to tax (HST), which varies by province. Canadian schools can claim the HST back under our business name "Caribou Contests", business number BN 834584237RC0001 and HST number 834584237RT0001.

Cost of Participation:

Apart from participation in the contests, we offer other online math practice and learning material such as previous contests, tutorials, an interactive geometry mini-course, an automatic proof-verification system, and a calcrostic © puzzle book. Access to these as well as All-Inclusive packages for individuals and schools can be purchased with or without contest participation. For details, visit the Online Shop.

Participation Fees can be paid for by the teacher, school, parents, or third-parties. For information on purchases and payment options, see the Online Shop & Payments section of the FAQ.

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How to Register for Caribou Contests

How you register for Caribou Contests depends on your situation. In any case, every participating student needs 1 valid individual Access Code to participate in 1,2,... or all 6 contests in the Caribou Cup year.

Choose the option which best describes your situation (click on below to view details):

Show Teacher / Librarian / Tutor

Show Students & Parents

Show Home Schooling & Distance Learning

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Access Codes

An Access Code is a 12-character code starting with the Caribou Cup year. For example, 2021C4R1B0US.

You can think of an Access Code as a Student's account. All account information like the student's name, purchases, and test entries are associated with their Access Code.

Each student needs a single Access Code to participate in 1, 2, ... or all 6 contests in the Caribou Cup (July 1 – June 30).

Access Codes…

Show How do I get an Access Code?

Show Where can I find my Access Code(s)?

Show I have an Access Code. Now what?

Show Access Code Validity

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Have any Questions?

For any questions about Caribou Contests, please try our extensive Help / FAQ section. From there you will be led to an email form if you are unable to find the answer to your question.

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