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Contest Coordinator Instructions


When participant's solutions are marked automatically after the contest then unlikely correlations between student's answers are detected. For example, if a student looks only for one second at another computer screen and sees the option selected by the other student and then picks the same option then the system will recognize that. If this happens for several questions and the system is convinced that the student participated unfairly then the student's submission will be flagged and the student gets zero marks without warning. Starting in the Fall of 2022 this practice will be enforced. Students are safe if they do not talk to each other and do not look at each others screens during the contest. But this can only happen if students exchange hints. Random coincidences of same solutions CAN NOT lead to disqualification. The used algorithms are described here.

To avoid your students and their parents being upset because they lost all points due to unfair participation, please make sure that students can not see each others screen and inform them of the possible consequences of cheating.

If you are not supervising your students yourself then please forward the above information to the invigilator and make sure they enforce that students work on themselves.

Thank you,
The Caribou Team

Thank you for signing up as a Caribou Contests Coordinator! As a Coordinator you have taken the initiative to coordinate your student(s) participation in our contests. We look forward to collaborating with you.

If you have not registered as a Caribou Coordinator and you would like to, click here to register as a Caribou Coordinator for free.

Please read this page's contents to learn the basics of being a Coordinator and making sure contests run smoothly. For any additional questions please try the FAQ / Help page. If you cannot find your question there, you can Contact Us.

Your Caribou Coordinator Account

When you have a Caribou Coordinator account, you have everything you need to run Caribou Contests for your students independently. With your account, you can:

  • manage student accounts & payments
  • get information about upcoming contests to pass on to parents & students
  • use contest day tools to deal with technical issues
  • see students' results, statistics, and print certificates

Each Student account (Access Code) is attached to their Caribou Coordinator's account. Only a student's Caribou Coordinator can see or edit their account information like contest results, even if there are other Caribou Coordinators at the same school.

Your Caribou Coordinator account is for life: you can move your account if you move to a different school. The only situation where you should have multiple accounts is when you are running Caribou at multiple schools.

Coordinator Homepage Tools

Upon signing in to your Caribou Coordinator account, you reach the Coordinator Homepage with groups of icons that link to documents, tools, and pages. When signed in, the most important of these links can be accessed from the topbar menu under "Coordinators" for quick navigation.

What follows is a description of the links on your Coordinator Homepage (click to view details).

Show Instructions & Support Links
Show Contest Day Tools
Show My Students & Access Codes
Show Account Settings
Show My School Results & Certificates

Contest Rules

When you agree to coordinate Caribou Contests for your student(s), you agree to uphold our Contest Rules. This page explains what constitutes unfair participation. If you have questions about the rules that are not answered on that page, please Contact Us.

Before Contest Day

To minimize confusion and stress on Contest Day, you can prepare by doing the following (click to view details).

You can also go through the Contest Checklist to see if you are ready to run the contest.

Show Keep your account information up-to-date
Show Keep your School information up-to-date
Show Shift your Contest Time Window (optional)
Show Register your School's IP Address
Show Get an Access Code for every participating Student
Show Distribute Access Codes to your students
Show Verify that each student has only 1 Access Code for the correct contest grade level
Show Verify your Access Codes are Valid for the next contest
Show Prepare Contest Location/Equipment
Show Prepare a backup plan
Show Notify students about upcoming contests
Show Encourage students to prepare (Optional)

Contest Day

Show Tips for Running the Contest
Show Problems on Contest Day

After the Contest / Cup

After a Contest or a Caribou Cup, we recommend you review your student results and statistics to see their strengths and weaknesses. You can go through the contest answers and solutions with students to check their understanding. Reward students for their efforts and achievements by printing certificates which you can give to them or display proudly in your classroom or school!

Show Contest Results & Rankings
Show Contest Answers & Solutions
Show Certificates
Show Caribou Cup Prizes

Voluntary School Ranking

NEW: Contest Provincial Ranking

Caribou is introducing a brand-new optional provincial school ranking feature. This is a voluntary additional ranking that a school can choose to participate in.

A school can participate in this ranking for the grades: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12.

The provincial school ranking, for your selected grade(s), will appear for each contest and for the Caribou Cup.

For each contest, a school's provincial ranking will be determined by the top 6 student scores in that contest. For the Caribou Cup, the provincial school ranking will be determined by a school's top 5 (out of 6) contest performances.

The provincial school rankings will include only schools that have signed up.

The ability to opt-in/opt-out for the provincial school ranking is available for coordinators under “Edit My Account”. Furthermore, these options are also available when a new coordinator registers and when coordinator accounts are verified at the start of every Caribou Cup year. Please note that a coordinator's decision to change the school ranking settings for a grade level is a decision for the entire school at this grade level.

These settings can be freely changed until a school has participated in a contest. The school ranking option for a specific grade cannot be changed for the remainder of the current Caribou Cup year once a school has participated in a contest for that grade. This restriction prevents negatively affecting the ranking of other schools for past contests, which would be unfair.

Any student or coordinator that is logged in will be able to view the top performing schools (that have chosen to participate in the ranking) in their province for each contest and the Caribou Cup. These statistics are available on the “Single Contest Results” page and on the “Caribou Cup Standings” page.

Lastly, coordinators whose school is participating in the school ranking will be able to print a certificate for their school and see their own ranking for each contest and Caribou Cup on the “My School's Contest Results” page and the “My School's Caribou Cup Results” page.

If you have additional concerns not addressed above please email us at [email protected].