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Welcome to Caribou Contests, an online learning platform that provides students with both free and paid virtual math learning tools and contests. Our interactive games are created to be engaging for kids at all skill levels.

Our tools are perfect for regular classroom settings, after-school tutoring, homeschooling, mixed-learning environments, and distance learning. We offer contests in an increasing number of languages. 

All of our competitors receive certificates for their participation and accomplishments, and the kids that do best can win financial rewards. We want to help kids all across the world

  • Develop a love of mathematics.
  • Reduce their math anxiety.
  • Be inspired to keep studying, even when a problem appears too challenging. 

The Caribou Difference

Students learn a wide range of math concepts at school, including computation methods, rules, and formulas. However, they seldom ever get the opportunity to practice applying their knowledge in useful, real-world scenarios.

Schools often don't have the time to let pupils practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These abilities are also challenging to quantify. Caribou tests are useful in this situation. The themes for our questions are quite diverse, and students use their school-taught math skills to solve them.

Our contests reinforce math concepts that students have learned throughout their academic careers and spark their interest while astonishing them with the simplicity of the solutions and the many techniques they might use to get them.

Through school, regional, national, and international rankings, we also foster competition and self-confidence. Our exams provide students with a platform to showcase their abilities in front of their peers, parents, and teachers.

Food For Thought

Our "Food for Thought" extension games are set up as interactive question-and-answer trees. We also offer interactive content that explains the mathematical foundation of the questions in our tests. 

With the premise that math, science, and technology may be pursued because they are enjoyable and rewarding, Caribou Contests provide children and adults with a route back to meaningful educational involvement.

Today's Calcrostic Puzzle

ab / cb =  d
 / -  - +  +
 d + de = cb
 = =  = =  =
cb +  d = cd
What is This? | How to Solve It?

Yesterday's Solution

144 + 96 = 240
  - /  / /   -
 64 ×  3 = 192
  = =  = =   =
 80 - 32 =  48