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Contact Registration for teachers, librarians, home school organizers, NOT for parents and NOT for students!

This registration will allow you as a contest organizer, to obtain student passwords for any upcoming contests, allowing your students to write them. Additionally, you also get access to statistics and detailed results of your students.

Parents of children without school, without library or with a non-participating school can register by clicking 'Online Shop' and following instructions.

Rules of Registration
In the following the management of Caribou Contests Inc. is abbreviated by 'Caribou'.

  • Caribou reserves the right to cancel participation of students in the case of misconduct, especially unfair help or collaboration.

  • Caribou puts much effort in making questions as clear as possible and to avoid any logical errors. Comments on improvements or corrections are most welcome. But Caribou reserves the right to decide unilaterally on the final form of questions, their solutions and the marking of questions.

  • Caribou is grateful for contacts to organizing contest participation. In the event that Caribou contests can not be held at contact's institution and students and/or parents ask Caribou for support to still participate then Caribou reserves the right to help them participate.
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